Our Story

Cory and I are thankful that God’s work has been evident in our lives since he brought us together.  We were both delinquent Christians when we started dating, before God sent us a clear message: “you are screwing this up!

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Summer Update

After the semester ended, we packed our bags and headed south.  We had a busy summer ahead of us: a 2 week June-term class, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), and a summer internship in Beaufort, SC.
Being back in the salt air of the lowcountry was a comfort I didn’t realize I needed.  Wading through 100% humidity felt like a salty hug from home.  Cory, in her 3rd trimester, felt much differently about it than I did…

God Came Down

How is it that a just God can remain in the presence of a duplicitous people while they eat and drink, and celebrate their good fortune?  Put another way: how can he withhold his power and extend grace in this moment, when he knows that this very covenant will be broken within 40 days, before Moses can make his way back down the mountain?