Our Story

Cory and I are thankful that God’s work has been evident in our lives since he brought us together.  We were both delinquent Christians when we started dating, before God sent us a clear message: “you are screwing this up!

I remain thankful for this wake-up call, and our relationship is a constant testament to God’s faithful pursuit of us, despite us.  Since then, we have both sought to honor God in our lives and in our relationships, especially our relationship together.

We both grew up on James Island and have been active in the church to varying degrees for as long as we can remember.  Unfortunately, participating in church does not always translate into living trust in God, but it planted seeds that the Lord has tended over time and grown into faith in him.

God’s Purposes, My Way

We graduated from Auburn University in 2009.  Cory took a more direct route to college, while I wandered a bit before landing at the school I had come to love.  With the adventure of marriage pending, we didn’t really want to return to Charleston immediately.  God had other plans.  Cory received an internship as a Child Life Specialist at MUSC, while I began work there in cardio-thoracic research while I applied for medical school.  We moved home, and began to prepare for the next step in the adventure: navigating medical school as newly weds.

Again (you’ll find this to be a theme), God had other plans!  A year into research, I was beginning to question my career path.  I enjoyed the work very much, especially the sense of accomplishment it generated, something I expected would continue as a medical professional.  But what was becoming more clear was the sacrifice I would have to make if my worth was to come from my profession.  In hindsight, it’s obvious I was seeking a career in medicine for the wrong reasons.  Mercifully, before I signed any loan documents, God drew me to the church.

The Formative Years

I began working at Good Shepherd first as an unpaid intern, then part-time as a family minister.  Throughout this time, Cory continued her difficult work as a Child Life specialist, providing relief from the stress of hospitalization for sick children and their families.  Her hours were hard, her job was stressful, and her husband’s ministry habit wasn’t paying many bills!  Yet she never complained while I set about discerning how I could best honor God, and she even volunteered significant time of her own to the church as a youth leader.

I began full-time at Good Shepherd as the Ministry & Operations Director, and shortly thereafter Cory and I were blessed with our daughter, Grace.  My work at the church allowed me to exercise leadership that, quite frankly, I was not equipped to have!  But God is good, and I grew into the position, not realizing that through it God was shaping and reshaping my understanding of church and the role that I could play in it.  Before I knew it, I was down the road pursuing opportunities to step into leadership that would require ordination in the Anglican church.

A New Season

That brings us to today.  With the full support of Good Shepherd, I have begun the discernment process through the Diocese of South Carolina, and I wait expectantly to see how I and my family may best bring glory to God in this new season.